What does it take to be a success in real estate investing?

Access to available and reasonable funding sources. There are plenty of people teaching how to buy and sell real estate, books, infomercials, live events and so called real estate "Guru's" that are supposed to be giving you the Secret Recipe to success. The bottom line is that if you do not have access to funding, then all the training and coaching are meaningless.

We provide the necessary funding to get your deals done. We won't over promise just to get you in the door and then under deliver. We look at several factors in funding your non-owner occupied real estate property:

  • We have loan programs that can get you rehab money
  • We are an asset based lender that looks at the quality of the deal first
  • Past foreclosures, bankruptcies and bad credit can be over come
  • We have the tools necessary to get your deal funded and get that property turning a profit

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